Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services in the form of electronic media. It gives us the ability to interact with targeted audiences in real time.

Why is this important to my personal training business?
Working in a commercial gym, you are fishing for clients in a lake. Now as a private trainer, you are fishing for clients in the ocean! Creating a solid digital presence (online AND social media) will be a greater exposure for your business and give you an advantage over your competitors. With the right strategy and campaigns, you can start prospecting the entire world. If you wanted to, of course.

Does this mean I just have to grow my followers?
There are services you can pay for that allows you to buy followers, so that’s easy. Growing an audience that is MOST LIKELY to purchase your service, that’s the trick. We target your specific clientele because we have the tools to really stalk their lifestyle and behaviors. (Sounds creepy, but remember when you were prospecting for clients by pretty much stalking the gym members? Nod your head.)

Why do I need a specialist to help me grow my business?
That’s the same question as “Why do I need a personal trainer?” (Insert thinking emoji here.) Not only do digital marketers do the technical work of analyzing and collecting data, testing for the best performing ad and figuring out why your website has no traffic, we guide you in painting your audience a very clear picture of your brand. Who has time for that when you have clients to train, your leg day workout to smash, and still live a life under your terms?

What exactly do you do?
In simple terms, I allow you to focus on training your clients and living your best life. For example, I’ll ask you to record as much content (workout videos, videos of your clients, pictures), send them to me, and I’ll edit and strategically post them on your social media platform. I do some technical magic that allows Google to find you, making you searchable online and opening up opportunities you may have never discovered on your own. The internet is a magical place, isn’t it?

The World Wide Web is now your World Wide Gym. Let’s conquer it.

The main reason why I created this platform is to help my colleagues with getting more clients. I wanted them to have a sense of security by having potential leads at their fingertips. I knew it was possible with digital marketing. If I can generate the first online sales for a startup fashion designer, and I am deer in the headlights about fashion, then I’m sure I can do it for fitness professionals.

In the meantime, I’ll provide you with digital marketing tips and tricks you can apply on your own. I want to make sure your business has its digital marketing foundation set before it’s too late.

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