Social media marketing is the process of gaining awareness and traffic through social media platforms. It’s important to understand the different social media platforms, how to present your content on it, and which one is most effective in attracting your target audience.

All services are customized to client’s needs.

Why is this important? Fitness is very popular on social media because of its appealing content: workout videos, pictures of food, nutritional advice, client progress pictures, etc. This becomes your profile of work and justifies the cost of your services, mitigating the common “discount” talk when prospecting for clients in person.

It can easily take a couple of hours to gather your content, edit them, and write a social copy to post them. By working together on a cohesive plan, we can schedule your posts and create an efficient system to keep your social media presence strong.

  • Write content’s social copy on social media platforms
  • Manage and post content during times of most engagement
  • Engage with social media community to increase quality followers that are potential leads and build relationships with audience
  • Compiled weekly social media performance reports for client