The internet can be an overwhelming place for information, making your content a way for potential clients to find you, see your value and build trust. Content increases SEO (Search Engine Optimization) making it more likely for your website to show up on Google results.

All services are customized to client’s needs.

Do I really need this for my business? The fitness industry is over saturated with personal trainers, not counting those who are not certified. Having a content strategy and creating content shows your audience your value, knowledge and builds trust and can increase organic traffic to your website.

Content can range from videos, articles, blog posts, external content, podcasts, infographics, and e-books. A good quality content provides solutions to your audience’s fitness and nutrition problems.

  • Write/edit blog posts and articles
  • Create e-Books; fitness and nutritional guides, downloadable freebies
  • Add content on website and on social media platforms
  • Compiled weekly content performance reports for client