You might be thinking, “How and why would she leave the fitness industry to become a digital marketing specialist?” Usually, it’s the other way around.


BS Biology > Pharmacy Technician > Certified Personal Trainer > Assistant Fitness Manager > Digital Marketing Specialist > Marketing Manager > What opportunity am I going to create next?

It’s safe to say I’m not the only one on this planet with a non-linear career path. But who doesn’t want to live a life on their own terms?

Quitting a job doesn’t mean you gave up. I quit because I wanted to put myself first.

Why did you quit your job as a Personal Trainer/Assistant Fitness Manager?
It wasn’t because I fell out of love with fitness. In a corporate gym setting, I knew I wasn’t going to grow professionally. I wasn’t going to be the next Fitness Manager. So my intuition said, “Hey, there are bigger and better opportunities for you outside of this gym. It’s time to move on.”

Being a Personal Trainer has intangible rewards, and those are building life-long relationships with your clients and changing their lives. I got very lucky to have a client who became my mentor, who supported my decision and advised I set up informational interviews to help me decide on what my next step should be. An informational interview is a one-on-one conversation with an employee to seek more info about a specific job, industry or company you might be interested in.

Combine your strengths and interest to seek your next opportunity.

Why did you decide on digital marketing?
My strengths were with people, and I was interested in management and business. After a couple of informational interviews and vigorous research, marketing called my name. But I knew I couldn’t get into the industry without speaking the language.

Thanks to my client and mentor, she recommended General Assembly, a campus in NYC that provides courses in design, data, coding, and marketing. I saw General Assembly offered a 6-day course to get certified in Digital Marketing, and I enrolled in the next course right away.

Digital marketing inhabits a disparate world far from fitness, but I understood the concepts and oddly enough, I was applying them to the business of personal training.

How does digital marketing and fitness work together?
When I spoke with the trainers I worked with who are now independent trainers, their main concern was, “How am I going to get more clients?” I knew I can provide them solutions to that question. With the support from my peers, my client and professionals from General Assembly, I launched this website to deliver personal trainers answers to their business questions.

My clients don’t have fitness goals anymore. I’ll be coaching them to reach their business goals instead. I have to replace NASM’s OPT model with the consumer’s buyer journey and in place of exercise selection, I create digital marketing tactics.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius

There are many points in my life when I think, “I should’ve been a Nurse so my career path would be easier” or “What am I doing? Can I actually do this?” Well, nothing in life is easy and nothing great is achieved without overcoming obstacles.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. One thing led to another and it brought me to where I am today. Combining my love for fitness with my skills in digital marketing, I get to help personal trainers grow their business and I could honestly say, this is the best job in the world. 

You already love what you are doing as a personal trainer, right? Well, it’s my job to expand your brand so you can touch more lives and have a long, sustainable career in fitness – doing exactly what you love to do.

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