The fitness industry probably has the most relatable content to give! But the key is to create the right content to the right people at the right time.

Use every customer point of contact to weave stories about who you are and what your brand stands for.

Gary Vaynerchuk, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World”


Let’s paint this picture for a second. When you first discover a brand, they most likely posted something on social media that you found entertaining and relatable. As you continued your internet investigation on this brand (also known as Google or stalking them on social media), you found them to be trustworthy from reading their posts and testimonials. After thinking, “I like this company,” you are notified about a free trial or a promotion and BOOM, you have completed your first purchase with this brand!

Now let’s paint your story, shall we?

Buyers Journey
You can base your content strategy on the consumer buyer journey, shown above. “How to Create Content According to Your Client’s Buyer Journey.”

Awareness: In this stage, consumers are looking for information and answers to their problems. Remember, you are NOT selling your services here yet. Save the numbers for later. Make this entertainingly funny, emotionally relatable, and informatively valuable.
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Blogs & Articles: MyFitnessPal Blog is a database of all things fitness! Depending on your business goals and your clientele, you can generate some writing ideas by scrolling through their platform.

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Social Media: Achieve Fitness is the Instagram library of exercises. They provide visuals for techniques and tips on exercises as well as videos of workouts their followers can do.

Here’s an idea! Playing the best childhood game of “Tag, you’re it” on Instagram to increase your exposure: 1) Create a challenging workout 2) Tag your followers to complete it 3) Have them tag their followers to complete the challenge AND you.

Consideration: After attracting an audience to your platform, we have to prove to them that you are an expert at your craft. Think of this stage as “nurturing relationships.”

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Expert Guides: BSimpsonFitness specializes in coaching pre and postnatal mothers. In addition to writing blog posts that new mommies can relate to, her expertise can easily be seen through her free expert guides.

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Cheat Sheets: With your audience in mind, what is one of their most common problems that you can compress into a cheat sheet? Maybe they’re short on time and want quick workouts or they are avid snackers and are looking for alternatives. Jen Comas did just that!

Here’s an idea! Create a FREE 7 Day Fitness or Nutrition Challenge that can only be accessed by subscribing to your newsletter or joining an exclusive Facebook group (linked to your Facebook Business page).

Decision: After each jab of valuable content, here comes the right hook! We’ve technically taken our prospect’s hand, engaged them with our knowledge, and led them up to this point. They fully understand who you are, and will be more likely to invest in your services.

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Special Offer: After signing up for his e-Book, a special offer was included in Josef Rakich’s Thank You page. Even though the potential client may not be interested in that moment, there’s a possibility the client will return to complete a purchase after reading his e-Book.

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Client Testimonials: We all want to feel great in our clothes, but we also want to look good! Client testimonials speak for themselves. In addition to progress pictures, clients can share their strength transformations. For example, training to be able to do a pull-up or training for a marathon. Nielsen Fitness compiled his testimonials into a video and really gives it a personal touch from his clients.

Here’s an idea! If you haven’t installed Facebook Pixels on your page yet, watch this video and do it now. You can invest in Facebook ads to retarget visitors of your page with pictures or videos (preferred) of client testimonials or special offers.

Advocacy: Your marketing doesn’t stop once they purchased your service. Your goal here is to create a community of loyal clients who will praise your name to everyone at their next brunch gathering or on their social media platform.

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Exclusive Community: Sarah Davis created an exclusive Facebook group for her clients who have purchased her program. Even in the digital age we live in today, we are still humans who want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Especially during a fitness journey, having a group of supportive people who are sharing the process with you makes it more enjoyable.

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Referrals: The picture above is for an e-Commerce fashion brand that I used to work for and created a referral program. Sharing is caring! What better way for more people to learn about your services than hearing it from a close friend or family whom they trust.

Here’s an idea! In your VIP newsletter, e-mail your clients a holiday special. For example, give a friend 25% off their first online training program and receive 50% off your renewal training package.

We need to emotionally invest in our audience for them to care about us.

Similar to fitness programs, this is not a “one size fits all approach.” Every personal trainer has his own specific niche, a unique personality, and distinct strengths. You have to take into consideration your business goals, your audience and remember to map your content according to the consumer buyer journey.

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