We need to understand our clientele’s behavior in order to produce content that provides solutions within the particular stage of the buyer journey.


In simple terms, let’s start building trust and grow a loyal audience.

The overwhelming options available to us online have changed how consumers buy services today. We’re going to take a look at their thought process when buying your service and what type of content is applicable to each stage.

Buyers Journey.png

In today’s decision journey, consumer-driven marketing is increasingly important as customers seize control of the process and actively “pull” information helpful to them. 

McKinsley & Company, The Consumer Decision Journey

This post was inspired by listening to Michael Stelzner and Joe Pulizzi on Social Media Marketing Podcast “How to Generate Revenue With Your Content.” Joe states that we need to focus on the people, not the products and services we’re going to give to them. Of course, services are important to generate revenue, but we need to be audience focused. We should look at who our audience is, build a loyal audience and gain their trust.

Content is important in primarily building trust, but also to make you searchable online. If you’re a fitness professional just starting out on your online presence by either blog writing and creating workout videos, keep going. Remember the consumer buyer journey, create content that provides them solutions to their problems, and watch your audience grow.

On another post, I will share with you topic examples for your content.
“Fitness Content for Every Stage of the Consumer Journey”

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